World Veterinary Day

🌹World Veterinary Day🌹
The term Veterinarian was coined by Columella, a Roman Scholar and Writer on Animal Care and Diseases. The term Veterinarius is a person who takes care of Animals was coined by him. 
The first treatise on Veterinary Medicine belongs to Egyptians 3600BC which dealt  primarily with equine treatment.
Ancient Chinese references of treatment of Animals during 3000BC are available. 
Mahendajaro and Harappa had done the domestication of Humped and Hump-less Cows , Elephants, Fowl But not Horses.
Salihotra is considered as the first Veterinarian of the World (2350 BC) and his Salihotra Samhita has 12,000 Sanskrit slokas relating to Equine, Bovine and Elephant Anatomy, Physiology, Surgery, diseases and their treatment. 
Muni Palkapya (1800BC) wrote Hasti Ayurveda – Elephant Disease Management.
Cattle husbandry was in vogue during the period of Rigveda 1500-1000BC.
Nakula and Sahadeva, the twin brothers of Mahabharat Era were Experts in Horse and Cattle husbandry, respectively.
Lord Krishna himself was a Great Healer of Animal Diseases and a Patron of “Gogana”, the cow herds. 
King Asoka projected Veterinary Profession as the “Best Heritage” (300BC) and established the first known State run Veterinary Hospitals of the World.
The famous Banyan hospital of Surat was patronized by Asoka (300-240BC)
Jesus Christ, A Great healer of all times is known for his Miracle cures of various Human and Animal Diseases and Sufferings. He was an expert in Sheep Husbandry.
Claudae Bourgelat, a French Man established the first Veterinary School at Lyons, France to undertake studies and to fight Rinderpest.
The British Royal Army Veterinary Services (1796) was founded to take care of its excellent horse resources serving the then Cavalry.
The first Veterinary School in India was established at Lahore(1882) followed by Pune (1862), Bombay (1884), Calcutta (1893) Madras (1902) and Patna (1930).
One of the oldest Veterinary hospitals in India were established by East India Company at Machilipatnam (1914) and Eluru(1914). One of the sheds at Eluru is still intact.

Horses, Mules, Elephants, Donkeys, Dogs & Pigeons  rendered their invaluable services during I & II World Wars.
Veterinary Profession was evolved some 4500 Years ago, We were named as Veterinarians about 20 Centuries ago.
This Year marks the completion of 256 Years of  World Anniversary of Veterinary Profession and Education.
Wish You All a Very Happy 🌹”WORLD VETERINARY DAY”🌹


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