Jersey Farm, Vithura – Farm Tourism Destination.

Jersey Farm, Vithura – Farm Tourism Destination24TV_BULL_MOTHER_FARM04

Nature calling with its abundance!!!

Jersey Farm at Vithura is becoming a tourism attraction for weekend travelers and farm tourism lovers, lot of visitors are enjoying farm visit and trekking in an one day trip. Thanking our friend Dr. Sanjay, Veterinary Surgeon of the farm for giving information about the same and reason for our visit.

Just one hour drive from Trivandrum and you will reach the lush greenery of nature where the Government Jersey Farm, Vithura is situated. This project is a joint venture of the district Panchayat, animal husbandry department and Kerala Tourism Department and is the first initiative from the government to promote farm tourism.

Visitors can enjoy multiple activities along with the visit of Jersey Farm and that is becoming an attractive point for those weekend travelers. Farm is having proximity to forest and also having other untapped places with tourism potential like Bonacaud etc. Farm visit, trekking in the forest, enjoying waterfalls in the deep forest, trip to Bonacaud etc are the catch of this trip.

The 200 acre farm, houses above 150 heads of cattle, buffaloes, goats and also includes cattle and goat breeding units along with dairy farm. According to Dr. Sanjay there is plan to develop around 70 to 80 acres out of 200 acres farm area for farm tourism and to open for general public, moreover dormitory and other facilities are also in the anvil for actively promoting farm tourism concept.

A project for upgrading the facilities is with state government in which proposal for improving roads inside the farm, for building a cafeteria, guest house and few cottages to tourists and trekkers to Bonacaud and Kallar are included. Plans to develop a medicinal garden also were developed and this will be maintained by the farm staff and can sell medicinal plants, mentioned by Dr. Sanjay.

Presently farm visiting is free but need to inform about the number of visitors one day before and for trekking in the forest, there is a fee of Rs. 1000/- for a pack of 10 peoples. You will also get local guides who will be very helpful during the trip.

Government Jersey Farm, Maruthamala PO, Vithura,Trivandrum.
Phone Number: 0472 2786126.


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